Religious activist claims Donald Trump is ‘God’s chaos candidate’

During primary season Jeb Bush, then a White House hopeful himself, deemed Donald Trump “the chaos candidate.” Well, a new book now claims Trump to be “God’s chaos candidate.”

According to author Lance Wallnau, his book “God’s Chaos Candidate” details the “supernatural story and strategy of Donald Trump being God’s Chaos Candidate.”

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Wallnau says Trump is a “wrecking ball to political correctness,” writing that “Trump is the chaos candidate who has been set apart by God to navigate us through the chaos coming to America.”

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The religious rights activist also issues a call to action for the church saying it “cannot remain silent as the godless force of progressive liberalism transforms our communities, and our nation.”

Wallnau’s book comes as many religious leaders grapple over the prospects of voting for Trump. Earlier this month Wayne Grudem, a highly respected evangelical theologian, retracted his endorsement, stating the GOP nomniee “gives our neighbors ample reason to doubt that we believe Jesus is Lord.” While Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. continues to stand by the billionaire businessman, saying “we’re all sinners.”

Wallnau’s book “God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling” was released on September 30.

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