Retired soldier angry over condition of flag


One Rhode Island resident was so upset to see the deplorable condition of an America flag at a public park in Providence he decided to take action. 

“It is in absolute tatters, it is flying in several pieces,” said Lonnie Barham.

I have never seen a flag flown period, private or public in such deplorable condition, it’s a travesty Barham told NBC 10. 

Lonnie Barham is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army who served in Iraq.  His son now serves in Afghanistan. 

Barham said he called the city’s parks and recreation department last week and was told the flag would be fixed. 

But as of Memorial Day, there still was no result. 

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras responded to NBC 10 in a tweet after watching our story saying,  “US Flag at India Point Park will be replaced tomorrow and I have ordered all other flags in the city to be inspected. No excuse for this.”

“Someone in the city is falling down on their responsibility even after being notified they still didn’t take the right course of action, so it’s bothersome,” Barham said. 

“I don’t know how many kids I’ve seen walk by here this morning on their way to India Point Park, for the next generation to see how we are dishonoring those who died for our freedoms, it’s a travesty,” he said.

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