RI campaigns fret about signs in possible storm


Rhode Island politicians are reviewing their campaign plans and asking supporters to take down signs as Hurricane Sandy threatens to whack the East Coast.

“I am concerned about these signs causing a problem for people. If one of these signs flies through a second floor window, it will have a name on it. It won’t take much of an investigation to find out who to complain to,” said Mark Zaccaria, chairman of the Rhode Island GOP.

Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty on Friday asked supporters to remove thousands of yard signs so they don’t turn into projectiles in high winds.

Doherty campaign workers plan to start taking down about 30 large signs Saturday morning. His campaign said Doherty had planned to spend the weekend doing in-person, retail politics, but said Sunday plans might have to change because of the weather.

Democratic Rep. David Cicilline’s campaign said it’s hard to say what their plans are this weekend and next week, but the storm takes top priority.

Television ads may be another potential casualty of the storm.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad buys next week, and if all the televisions in Rhode Island are dark, there will be consternation,” Zaccaria said.

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