RI drivers wonder how to order Red Sox plates


Red Sox fans in Rhode Island were left wondering how to order license plates honoring their favorite team.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee approved the new plates in a ceremony on Monday with Red Sox executives.

But as soon as the word went out that the plates could be ordered online, drivers were stymied. Neither the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles nor the Red Sox Foundation had any information posted on their websites.

How could that happen? NBC 10 asked the governor’s spokesman.

“You’d have to ask the Red Sox Foundation that. We had scheduled this. I’m sure they’ve got a million things on their plate up there,” Michael Trainor said Tuesday.

The Red Sox Foundation said drivers can leave their contact information on its website and that an application form should be available within the next few days.

The Red Sox plates cost $40, with $20 going to Red Sox Foundation charities in Rhode Island

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