RI Senate delays vote on bill to expand DNA law

The Rhode Island General Assembly has delayed until next week a vote on a bill that would require anyone arrested for a violent crime to submit a DNA sample.

The state Senate had planned to vote on the proposal Thursday but postponed the vote to work out the bill’s final details.

Current state law requires DNA samples from anyone convicted of a felony. The bill would expand the law to include those arrested for murder, rape, robbery, some types of assault and other violent crimes.

Individuals could seek to have their DNA samples removed if charges against them are dropped or they are found not guilty.

The samples would be entered into the FBI’s DNA database. Several states have similar laws.

Senate passage would send the bill to the House.

Article source: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/2011/may/12/2/ri-lawmakers-get-dna-violent-crime-arrestees-ar-486721/

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