RI Speaker: Vote on civil unions possible Thursday

A proposal to allow gay couples in Rhode Island to enter into civil unions could receive a vote in the State House of Representatives later this week.

House Speaker Gordon Fox tells The Associated Press that he wants the House to vote on the measure Thursday.

Civil unions would grant the same state rights given to married couples in Rhode Island. The proposal was introduced after Fox, a Providence Democrat who is gay, said gay marriage legislation lacked the votes to pass.

The bill had little public support at a recent hearing, but Fox and other legislative leaders predict broad support for civil unions in the legislature.

The House committee studying the bill plans to decide Tuesday whether to endorse the bill. The Senate has yet to consider the legislation. 

Article source: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/2011/may/16/ri-speaker-vote-civil-unions-possible-thursday-ar-491260/

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