Roddy White tweeted about an intense interaction with a cop in which he ‘could’ve died’


Former Atlanta Falcons wideout Roddy White hopes reporting the officer who pulled him over will “save the next black man’s life” that gets stopped in Dekalb County, Georgia.

White sent out a series of tweets on Wednesday after getting pulled over by an officer who ticketed him for his expired license plate tags and speeding. The free agent wide receiver said he wasn’t upset about the tickets, but rather that he was worried the officer went to his gun before approaching his vehicle.

In particular, White questioned why the officer needed to unbutton his weapon from its holster before he approached White’s car.

Given the increased attention that police violence against people of color has received in recent years, it’s understandable that White is worried about his safety during what should be a routine traffic stop.

White said he “could’ve died” if he didn’t have his identification ready and reacted differently during the stop.

I’m definitely not an expert in police procedure, but the looming threat of a gun pulled on you during a traffic stop is scary. White was clearly unnerved by the incident and said he will report the officer in the hopes it will save the next black man’s life that officer may encounter on patrol.

White joins the growing number of athletes who have been vocal about police violence against people of color in recent months. Having a close call with an officer like this is an unsettling reality for many people in America. Thankfully for White, it amounts to something he could tweet about and simply pay a fine.

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