Saints DE Cameron Jordan wore a ‘Blow Whistles Not Games’ shirt to the Pro Bowl


Cameron Jordan is still not thrilled with the missed call in the New Orleans Saints-Los Angeles Rams NFC Championship game last week.

Since Jordan is a defensive end for the Saints, that’s not terribly surprising. But he chose the perfect way to let the world know he’s still salty and definitely not over it: a t-shirt.


Jordan wore a shirt that called out the referees for missing a pretty obvious pass interference call in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game. He managed to get two slogans on there, too. “Blow Whistles Not Games” is big and bold, with “Make Calls Not Apologies” at the bottom with a shrugging referee in the middle.

Jordan’s continuing frustration at the whole situation is understandable. The game (and the missed call) happened just a week ago. The Rams had their send-off rally on Sunday at their new stadium site in Inglewood, and some Saints players (not to mention Saints fans) may think it should be their team having a rally with their fans instead.

Since commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t decree that the end of the game be replayed, and since no Saints fans or players seem to have found a time machine, Jordan is at the Pro Bowl. But his shirt makes a point: Saints players and fans aren’t going to forget about that missed call anytime soon.

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