Save on Last Minute Hotel Rooms — Savings Experiment


When it comes to booking hotel rooms for the holidays, it pays to wait until the last minute. Here’s how to get maximum savings when you travel.

Did You Know: Save on Last Minute Hotel Rooms

When traveling during the holidays, booking last minute could save you a bundle. The Christmas season is notoriously expensive for travelers, but not if you know when to buy.

Specifically, you can get great deals on hotels. Unlike airlines, hotels are at most only 65 percent full around this time of year. That means you can get lower last-minute rates if you intentionally wait until closer to the holidays to book.

To help you get that deal, download apps like Hotel Tonight which assists with same-day bookings up to 75 percent off regular rates. Of course, you can always call the hotel directly to ask about latest bargains.

So, if you’re traveling for Christmas, wait as long as you can to book a hotel room. Last-minute reservations may just save you enough to make room for some last-minute shopping.

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