Spurs to entrance intolerable new uniform today

SAN ANTONIO – Inside sources have leaked to me some sum about a new Spurs choice uniform. They tell me it’s going to be ‘interesting.’ The vibe I’m removing is this new pattern will be really opposite than what many fans design – maybe even shocking!

The Spurs will wear this choice most some-more mostly than in a past. I’m articulate during slightest 15 home games. Some reports are even observant they’ll wear it for a home opener vs. OKC.

There will be no reversion uniforms this year, so contend goodbye to a Dallas Chaparrals ABA demeanour from final year.

// Keep checking behind here for updates. We’ll post photos of a new uniform as shortly as a Spurs make them available.

Article source: http://www.woai.com/content/sports/spurs/story/Spurs-to-debut-shocking-new-uniform-today/tIYPxmXExEu_NCzhGXRomg.cspx?rss=2954

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