State senator asks for Central Falls superintendent to resign


State Sen. John Tassoni said Thursday he wants Central Falls School Superintendent Frances Gallo to resign.

He’s also asking for the removal of the city’s school board of trustees for what he called fiscal mismanagement and administrative malfeasance.

“We need a clean sweep of the current administration, starting with the resignation of the superintendent and replacement of the existing board,” he said. “Perhaps with proper management, the children of Central Falls will receive a proper education and the state will get some value from the money it is spending on the city’s school system.

“There is precious little fiscal accountability in the Central Falls school system under the current management set-up. That must change now.”

In response to Tassoni’s statements, the Central Falls School Board of Trustees released a statement that said, “Despite the best efforts of our team in Central Falls, the facts have been misreported and misrepresented on a number of occasions. That said, both Dr. Gallo and I would be more than willing to join in a meeting with Senators Tassoni, Crowley and the Senate leadership to discuss – and allay – his concerns.”

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