Tomi Lahren slams Hillary Clinton for saying ‘the president is not above the law’


While Donald Trump keeps busy meeting the queen and British leaders in London this week, the news at home is that he could face an impeachment hearing.

While Democrats urge Congress to pursue proceedings against the president, former first lady — and 2016 Trump opponent — Hillary Clinton has offered her two cents.

Clinton — whose husband, former President Bill Clinton, was impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998, though the Senate declined to remove him from office — fired up both her followers and critics by tweeting Monday that “no president is above the law.”

That call to arms — or, perhaps, merely a call for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act on a possible impeachment — got support from fellow Democrats. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a fierce proponent of impeachment, was among the tens of thousands of Twitter users who retweeted the statement.

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Conservatives, meanwhile, were outraged, accusing Clinton of dodging her own investigation and calling her a hypocrite.

“It is stunning she has the gall to say this,” wrote one critic.

Tomi Lahren, never one to ignore a brewing Twitter debate, also had a few choice words for the former Secretary of State. Last seen slamming Gillette for its ad featuring a transgender man learning to shave, the Fox Nation personality threw some jabs referencing reports that Clinton breached security by using her BlackBerry while at the State Department.

Lahren’s fans cheered her on, with some echoing the familiar Trump refrain of “lock her up.” Others weren’t so impressed.

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