Trooper disciplined for leaking report about alleged Chafee party

The superintendent of the state police said Friday that a state trooper leaked a draft report about an alleged Memorial Day drinking party thrown by the son of Gov. Lincoln Chafee at the family’s Exeter home.

The state police report was obtained by WPRO’s Matt Allen and posted online.

Col. Steven O’Donnell said on a taping of “10 News Conference” that the trooper was identified and is being disciplined. He would not identify the trooper.

“Discipline issues are something that we don’t talk about publicly, but it’s a pretty egregious violation to something in our department. Everybody knew it, as well as the person who did it,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell said the state police forwarded its investigation into the party to the state attorney general, who will decide whether to bring charges.

The state police report said troopers became aware of the party from an intoxicated 18-year-old woman who was being picked up by friends along Route 102. The teen’s mother eventually told state police her daughter was at the Chafees’ home.

“There was no alcohol that was found at the scene, but there were empty beer cans and other alcohol containers near the pool and there was unopened liquor in a refrigerator according to Col. O’Donnell. ┬áThere was alcohol that was enclosed in refrigerators that’s accounted for by adults. But as for the underage part of it, it was just her admitting that she was drinking alcohol, but there’s no physical evidence to prove besides her saying she has it,” O’Donnell said.

Gov. Chafee said he was not home at the time of the party and called it “a private matter.”