Welcome to your 2017 travel bucket list


While other guides might point the Canada-curious toward multicultural Toronto or bohemian Vancouver, our pick is decidedly more pastoral and, some would argue, much prettier than either of those urban enclaves. A collection of sleepy fishing towns nestled between the Saint Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean, this tiny province is covered in bright-green rolling hills, red sandstone cliffs and picturesque lighthouses. It’s literally the stuff of storybooks: PEI is home to everyone’s favorite literary redhead, Anne from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, after all.

For food, it’s all about the seafood: lobster, whitefish, clam chowder, mussels and, of course, oysters. The island’s responsible for supplying more than 55 percent of the continent’s bivalves. No matter how you slice it, a summer spent in PEI is the breath of fresh air you didn’t even know you needed.

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