Woman wants to be removed from Brown ad


Carol Gorman is seen shaking hands with Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in a new campaign ad aimed at women voters.

But Gorman actually supports his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

“He tried to exploit my presence. He knew what my position was. And yet he chose to put that on TV, to put me on TV as a supporter,” Gorman said.

Gorman has a sign in her yard and even spends her weekends volunteering for the Warren campaign.

“I was shocked, and I was upset because it didn’t give any indication to people of what we had been talking about,” she said.

Gorman said she wasn’t actually talking to Brown about why she wouldn’t be voting for him. She said she believes he hasn’t supported women over the past four years, and she told him so.

Gorman told NBC 10 that Brown didn’t have an immediate reaction.

But then, Gorman said the senator yelled at her to “go vote for Joe Kennedy” as he walked away.

“He barked at me, yelled at me, saying, ‘Go vote for Joe Kennedy!” she said.

Gorman said the remark confused her.

But she’s even more confused about how she ended up in an ad that made it look like she’s a Brown supporter.

“I was not there to applaud him. I was there to offer my opinion,” Gorman said. “Of all people, for him to choose to portray me, it’s really ironic, isn’t it?”

Gorman said she wants the footage removed from the ad.

NBC 10 contact Brown’s campaign to find out whether the commercial will be re-edited. 

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