For Democrats, a fast of surrogates prepared to campaign

By JULIE PACE, AP White House Correspondent

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — While Hillary Clinton rallied Democrats out West this week, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, carried her campaign’s summary by Iowa. Next week, when a Democratic front-runner earnings to Iowa herself, her daughter, Chelsea, will be courting supporters in New Hampshire.

The family tag-team opposite a early voting states is only a glance of a fast of surrogates on standby to assistance elect another Democrat to a White House in November.

President Barack Obama has already affianced to be an active member in a ubiquitous election, yet he’s doubtful to validate a claimant in a primary. Vice President Joe Biden has done transparent he wants to play a role. And renouned initial lady Michelle Obama has grown some-more gentle on a domestic theatre and would expected get concerned in a 2016 competition to strengthen her husband’s legacy.

It’s a pithy organisation of Democratic stars that Republicans acknowledge they simply can’t match.

“One of a things about being out of energy in a White House is we don’t have as many folks with a inhabitant profile,” pronounced Kevin Madden, a Republican strategist who suggested Mitt Romney during a 2012 presidential election.

While surrogates don’t win elections for candidates, high-profile backers can play a profitable purpose in attracting media coverage, targeting specific subdivision groups, and pulling some-more people into events where a campaigns can collect voter information.

Bill Clinton’s events Thursday in Iowa checked all of those boxes. He spoke to about 1,000 people opposite dual events in eastern Iowa, and dozens some-more during a stop during a internal marketplace in Cedar Rapids. His events captivated some-more inhabitant media than infrequently uncover adult to events with presidential candidates, and he also got front-page coverage in a Dubuque, Iowa, newspaper.

“He brings out a throng and he never disappoints,” pronounced Tom Fruehling, 70, a Democrat who attended an eventuality in his hometown of Cedar Rapids. Fruehling is still determining between Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“He’s a outrageous asset. What a good partner,” pronounced 63-year-old Elizabeth Bunce, also of Cedar Rapids, who is subsidy Clinton and volunteering for her campaign.

Clinton debate aides pronounced a former boss will be behind in Iowa before a Feb. 1 caucuses, and they also design Chelsea Clinton to make appearances in a state this month. The debate also announced skeleton for Bill Clinton to make stops in New Hampshire subsequent week.

To be sure, Bill Clinton and some of a other intensity Democratic surrogates come with liabilities. Republican front-runner Donald Trump has already done transparent that a former president’s campaigning creates a transgressions that injured his White House reign satisfactory game. Bill Clinton was also out of step with complicated campaigning and infrequently off summary during his wife’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign, yet it appears her stream group is gripping him on a shorter leash.

Obama, too, has liabilities. While he stays renouned among Democrats, polls uncover a open is increasingly discontented with his doing of unfamiliar policy. If that persists, Clinton competence not wish additional reasons to remind electorate that she served as his secretary of state for 4 years.

The boss and initial lady will expected be asked to assistance convene groups that done adult a “Obama coalition” during a 2008 and 2012 elections, including immature people, blacks and Hispanics. Biden has been an effective follower to working-class white voters.

“Turnout will be pivotal for Hillary Clinton and these surrogates will be a vicious partial of a strategy,” pronounced Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist subsidy Clinton.

Republicans have a handful of intensity surrogates with inhabitant name recognition, yet it’s misleading how a party’s contingent hopeful competence use them in a ubiquitous election, if during all.

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