Kasich’s NH Surge Puts Target on His Back

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s rise in New Hampshire is genuine adequate that he’s turn a aim of his associate Republican presidential candidates.

Right to Rise, a super PAC aligned with Bush, hits Kasich hard for ancillary cuts to invulnerability – including a elect whose recommendation led to a closure of a New Hampshire troops bottom – and slams him for usurpation sovereign income to enhance Medicaid, bringing holding a Affordable Care Act Medicaid enlargement to Ohio.

“John Kasich: wrong on New Hampshire issues,” a ad warns.

The pro-Christie America Leads PAC has a mailer out ripping on Kasich’s record, as does a unaligned American Future Fund, targeting Kasich for a Medicaid enlargement and ancillary Common Core, restraining him to President Barack Obama.

“Not a conservative, not a moderate,” a ad says. “An Obama Republican.”

A orator for Kasich’s campaign, while fortifying a governor’s record, indicated this problem is one they don’t mind having.

“As governor, he incited an $8 billion bill hole in Ohio into a $2 billion surplus, while slicing taxes by $5 billion including murdering a genocide tax,” orator Chris Schrimpf said. “False attacks are what happens when we arise in a polls, though Gov. Kasich is stability his certain prophesy of elucidate problems.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks during a debate stop during Bektash Shriners on Jan. 20, 2016, in Concord, N.H.


Swing Voters reason a Key to Victory in New Hampshire

For many of a Republican primary, Kasich’s debate has flown underneath a radar, drowned out by a sound of  front-runner Donald Trump’s radical debate and a sour infighting between a GOP’s investiture and anti-establishment wings.

Lumped in with a other stream and former governors using for a White House – Bush, who was Florida’s arch executive, and Christie, who binds bureau in New Jersey – Kasich is duking it out with them and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for a lead in a GOP’s investiture lane. Meanwhile, Trump, a luminary billionaire, and a Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a favorite of regressive outsiders, are fighting for initial place in inhabitant polls.

While many of a other candidates’ check numbers have been mostly flat, Kasich’s capitulation ratings have been solemnly on a arise given December: a website RealClearPolitics has him during 12 percent in a polling average, and they seem poised to rise only in time for a Feb. 9 New Hampshire primary. And a governor, who has mostly bypassed Iowa, is staking his White House run on a clever display in a Granite State.

Article source: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-01-29/kasichs-nh-surge-puts-target-on-his-back

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