Mexico: Sean Penn talk helped locate drug lord


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican officials contend Sean Penn’s contacts with drug duke Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman helped them lane a refugee down — even if he slipped divided from an initial raid on a hideout where a Hollywood actor apparently met him.

Penn’s essay on Guzman was published late Saturday by Rolling Stone magazine, a day after Mexican marines prisoner a world’s many wanted kingpin in a raid on a city of Los Mochis nearby a Gulf of California.

Penn wrote of elaborate confidence precautions, yet also pronounced that as he flew to Mexico on Oct 2 for a meeting, “I see no espionage eyes, yet we assume they are there.”

He was apparently right.

A Mexican sovereign law coercion official, vocalization on condition of anonymity since he was not available to criticism on a issue, told a Associated Press a Penn talk led authorities to Guzman in a area of Tamazula, a farming partial of Durango state.

They raided Guzman’s remote hideout a few days after a talk and narrowly missed capturing Guzman, whose Jul shun from Mexico’s tip confidence jail — yet a mile-long (1.5-kilometer) hovel — had broke President Enrique Pena Nieto and done his constraint a inhabitant priority.

Describing a capture, Attorney General Arely Gomez pronounced that investigators had been aided in locating Guzman by documented contacts between his attorneys and “actors and producers” she pronounced were meddlesome in creation a film about him, yet she did not name them.

Two months after that tighten call, marines finally held him in a residential area of Los Mochis, where they’d been monitoring a suspected protected house. Five people died in a gun conflict as infantry changed in.

In a interview, Guzman defends his work during a conduct of a world’s biggest drug trafficking organization, one blamed for thousands of killings. When asked if he is to censure for high obsession rates, he responds: “No, that is false, since a day we don’t exist, it’s not going to diminution in any approach during all. Drug trafficking? That’s false.”

Penn wrote that Guzman was meddlesome in carrying a film filmed on his life and wanted Mexican singer Kate del Castillo, who had portrayed a drug trafficker in a radio series, concerned in a project.

“He was meddlesome in saying a story of his life told on film, yet would entrust a revelation usually to Kate,” wrote Penn, who appears in a print posted with a talk jolt hands with Guzman.

There was no evident response from member for possibly Penn or del Castillo to a Mexican official’s comments.

Earlier Saturday, a sovereign law coercion central pronounced that Mexico is peaceful to extradite Guzman to a United States — a pierce authorities had ruled out before his Jul escape.

“Mexico is ready. There are skeleton to concur with a U.S.,” pronounced a Mexican official, who spoke on condition anonymity since he wasn’t certified to comment.

But he cautioned it could take during slightest 6 months to approve extradition by courts, where Guzman’s attorneys can conflict a pierce to a U.S., where he faces drug trafficking charges in several states.

“That can take weeks or months, and that delays a extradition,” he said. “We’ve had cases that take 6 years.”

Guzman’s profession Juan Pablo Badillo told a Milenio journal that a invulnerability already has filed 6 motions to plea extradition requests.

“They can plea a judge, plea a illusive cause, plea a procedure,” pronounced Juan Masini, former U.S. Department of Justice attache during a U.S. Embassy in Mexico. “That’s because it can take a prolonged time. They won’t plea all during once … they can drip, drip, divert it that way.”

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