THE LATEST: Hard strike on Coker, though chastisement dwindle picked up


ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — 8:47 p.m.

Michigan State was pushing for a probable measure before halftime, yet a possession finished when Cyrus Jones intercepted a pass usually brief of a idea line with 6 seconds left in a initial half.

Connor Cook was perplexing to chuck a pass to Aaron Burbridge. Jones reached adult and done a ambidextrous obstacle for a pick, that came right after pass plays of 26 and 18 yards.


8:40 p.m.

SCORING UPDATE: Alabama 10, Michigan State 0

Alabama’s Adam Griffith has kicked a 47-yard margin idea with 1:25 left in a initial half.


8:34 p.m.

Jake Coker took a tough strike and a dwindle was down, yet there was no penalty.

Alabama gained 14 yards on Coker’s pass to O.J. Howard. After throwing a ball, Coker was strike by defensive lineman Malik McDowell.

After a play, a arbitrate picked adult a dwindle and pronounced there was no roughing a passer given McDowell strike Coker in a chest.

Television replays showed that it was a hard, purify hit.


8:22 p.m.

SCORING UPDATE: Alabama 7, Michigan State 0

Derrick Henry has scored on a 1-yard TD run for a initial measure in a Cotton Bowl.

It is Henry’s 24th rushing touchdown this season, violation a SEC record. The Heisman Trophy leader was tied during 23 with Auburn’s Tre Mason and Florida’s Tim Tebow.

The touchdown came with 5:36 left in a initial half, dual plays after Jake Coker’s 50-yard pass to standout beginner Calvin Ridley to a 1.


8:15 p.m.

Alabama gets to start a latest expostulate during a 20.

Michigan State punter Jake Hartbarger didn’t get a same kind of rebound on this flog after Michigan State faced fourth-and-15 from a Tide 47. The round rolled into a finish zone.

Could we be headed for a scoreless initial half? Neither of these teams has left into halftime of a diversion this deteriorate yet scoring.


8:05 p.m.

Heisman Trophy leader Derrick Henry is a initial SEC using behind to go over 2,000 yards rushing in a season. He is a 19th FBS actor to mangle that plateau.

Henry had 9 carries for 30 yards by Alabama’s initial expostulate of a second quarter.

That put him during 2,016 yards for a deteriorate — usually hours before a start of 2016.


7:56 p.m.

There is no measure after one entertain during a Cotton Bowl.

It is a third time this deteriorate Michigan State has been in a scoreless diversion after a initial quarter. The Spartans won a initial two, during Michigan and Ohio State.

Alabama is scoreless after a initial entertain for a fourth time. The Tide trailed Ole Miss 3-0 in what became a 43-37 loss, yet were scoreless by 15 mins opposite LSU and Mississippi State before winning those games by during slightest 14 points.


7:51 p.m.

Now that was a good rebound for Michigan State.

Jake Hartbarger’s punt looked like it was headed for a finish zone, yet a round strike usually brief of a idea line and bounced backward. It was downed by a Spartans during a 4.


7:42 p.m.

That was ugly, and still a mangle for Alabama even yet a Tide mislaid 13 yards.

Quarterback Jake Coker was perplexing to hasten divided from difficulty while holding a round adult when it slipped out of his hand. The round fell into a legs of a Michigan State defender on a ground, yet afterwards got knocked out of bounds.

Alabama punted after an incompletion on a indirect third-and-20 play.


7:30 p.m.

Heisman Trophy leader Derrick Henry didn’t hold a round on Alabama’s opening possession.

Freshman receiver Calvin Ridley got a round a initial dual plays, on a retreat run and a brief pass for a initial down before a pass dictated for him that got knocked down during a line. There was another retreat and a pass execution that mislaid a yard before a Crimson Tide punted.

Henry has an SEC-record 1,986 yards this season. His 23 rushing touchdowns tied an SEC record, and are a many in a nation.


7:22 p.m.

Michigan State is starting a Cotton Bowl on offense after Alabama won a toss and deferred a choice to a second half.

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