Was the Wedding Blast in Gaziantep Revenge for ISIS Defeats in Syria?

World News

Mehmet Emin Ozdemir, a mourner bidding farewell to a friend, asked pointedly why Kurdish gatherings and not others were vulnerable to IS attacks. Wiping his eyes, he told Al-Monitor, “I have questions buzzing in my head that I’d like to ask the authorities. For more than a month, democracy rallies were held across Turkey [after the July 15 coup attempt], and not a single shot was fired, not a single bomb exploded. Not that I want bombs to explode, they must not. Yet, why is it that nothing happens when government supporters take to the streets, but bombs explode when the Kurdish people go out for weddings or rallies? Hundreds of young Kurds like me are curious about this. If anyone has a logical answer, we’d like to hear it.”

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