Wildlife agency: Florida’s 2015 bear hunt ends after 2nd day

By KELLI KENNEDY, Associated Press

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Florida’s argumentative black bear hunt finished after a second day after a aloft than approaching series of bears had been killed with 295 bears taken overall, impending a executive limit, Florida wildlife authorities pronounced late Sunday.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a matter on a group website that it was shutting a 2015 hunt, observant a preference was taken by authorities as a hunt approached a altogether “objective” of 320 bears overall.

“The 2015 bear hunt is strictly over,” a matter added.

Wildlife officials had already close down sport in designated executive and easterly Panhandle regions after a initial day Saturday. They pronounced in their matter late Sunday that a North and South units were sealed to sport after a second day, definition sport had finished in all 4 bear government units were a sport had been allowed.

Authorities contend they weren’t dumbfounded by a numbers, observant a total advise a bear race is aloft than they thought. The argumentative hunt was authorized progressing this year after substantial debate. Backers estimated Florida’s black bear race had grown to 3,500 — from a few hundred in a 1970s.

Earlier Sunday, a agency’s executive director, Nick Wiley, told The Associated Press that a group was already disposition toward finale a hunt after a second day.

The agency’s matter late Sunday pronounced a group “took a regressive proceed … building in buffers so a series of bears harvested would stabilise flourishing populations while ensuring a delay of healthy bear numbers.”

Officials close down a executive and easterly Panhandle regions after a hunt’s initial day Saturday. They pronounced 112 bears were killed in a Panhandle segment by midday Sunday, scarcely triple a 40 kill extent for that area. In a executive region, 139 bears were killed, it said. The agency’s matter combined that 23 bears were taken in a North section during final count and 21 bears in a South section before those final dual regions were sealed to hunting.

“From a biological tolerable race perspective, nothing of these numbers are worrisome to us, we have vast flourishing bear populations,” pronounced FWC’s Thomas Eason, vocalization Sunday before a altogether hunt had ended.

More than 3,200 hunters purchased permits to participate, including 1970s rocker Ted Nugent and Liesa Priddy, a rustic and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission member who voted to approve a new hunts.

The argumentative hunt was authorized by a wildlife elect progressing this year after most debate. In a end, a members pronounced a black bear race had grown to 3,500 — adult from a few hundred in a 1970s — and presented a reserve problem.

Critics contend that series is outdated. Activists pronounced a state should instead concentration on rabble government and curbing a smell of food in rubbish and staged protests around a state this weekend.

Thirty-two other states also concede black bear hunts.

Officials set adult 33 stations where hunters were compulsory to record any kill within 12 hours. Some stations are to sojourn open until noon Monday, authorities pronounced in a statement. Hunters were taboo from regulating dogs or attract to captivate a bears, and could usually kill bears weighing some-more than 100 pounds, among other restrictions. Among a weapons allowed: shotguns, bows, pistols, revolvers and crossbows.


Information from: WMFE-FM, http://www.wmfe.org/


Information from: WMFE-FM, http://www.wmfe.org/

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