Work, cycle, save: How to cut transport costs and get fit

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Picture the scene – you are driving around the staff car park desperately looking for a space as the clock ticks and you slowly accept the fact you’re never going to make it to work on time. You are going to be late (again!) and are spending a small fortune in used petrol and extra parking time as you cruise round the same patch of tarmac hoping for somewhere to squeeze your motor.

You are stressed beyond belief and you haven’t even begun your working day – sound familiar?

Unfortunately, many people find the daily commute to work a stressful experience that burns through as much money as it does carbon. Even public transport costs have grown considerably over recent years to make this option less attractive to commuters and that means that many feel they have no choice but to brave the traffic jams and busy car parks. But could they be wrong?

Cycle and save

Choosing to commute in an environmentally friendly way to work doesn’t just mean joining the masses on public transport – it can also mean grabbing a bicycle and pedalling your way to work. Not only will you avoid the stress of traffic but you’ll save money, get fit and (most importantly) never struggle to find a parking space again!

If you are a business owner, why not promote the idea of cycling to work amongst your employees? They might be dubious at first but when they realise how much money they could save they will soon change their tune. You can even earn extra boss brownie points if you sign up to government supported schemes which will offer savings to members when they buy cycling and safety equipment – helping them go green without pushing their bank balance into the red!

Schemes like these are quick and easy to set up too and you will find that the organisation providing the service will take care of all the administration and paperwork so you don’t need to worry about it. You could also remind your workers that as well as saving money, they will lose weight and get fit – something which can incidentally boost their morale and increase productivity.

By encouraging your staff to cycle to work you can increase the likelihood of them arriving on time and eradicate daily tales of traffic jams, busy car parks and accidents on the roads. Your staff will feel rejuvenated and energised from their morning cycle, boosting morale and improving the office environment for everyone.

You can even cycle to work yourself to set a good example – after all, why should your employees get to have all the fun of a stress-free commute to work each day?

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