Are good deeds beneficial for your health?

A new study suggests that people who are regularly happy receive a small but important health benefit.

In the past, we’ve discussed medical studies that suggest a relationship between stress reduction and physical health. During some research projects, investigators have concluded that eliminating sources of stress or anxiety can lower blood pressure and improve the body’s anti-inflammatory response system.

While more insights are needed, it is becoming increasingly apparent that happiness is also correlated with improved health. Because doing something “good” generally tends to make a person happy, it is believed that engaging in activities that benefit others can make someone actually feel better physically and emotionally. 

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor from the University of California, Riverside, recently conducted an experiment involving good deeds. She told HealthDay News in an interview that her findings could have implications for future medical treatment, especially for those with chronic illnesses.

“People who engage in kind acts become happier over time,” Lyubomirsky told the source. “When you are kind to others, you feel good as a person – more moral, optimistic, and positive.”

In a report on the topic, The Huffington Post noted that some researchers have identified a specific hormone, known as oxytocin, that is released following a good deed. Oxytocin, in addition to producing a positive emotional response, dilates blood vessels and promotes better flow, thereby reducing blood pressure. 

Some folks may want to consider finding ways to increase their happiness levels, as it seems that this emotion can have a very real health impact. This could help people both improve their medical conditions while also bettering their chances of obtaining a more affordable life insurance policy, which is an important protective measure to have later in life.

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