Avoid these money-wasting vices


Kicking a smoking habit could save you thousands of dollars.

Most people want to save money, but when thinking about how they’ll cut costs, many only focus on large expenses such as housing and transportation. It is important to remember, however, that items that you spend a few dollars on once or twice a week may make a huge dent in your wallet over the course of a year.

The following money-wasting vices should be avoided in order to keep your budget looking healthy:

Fast food

Not only is it bad for your wallet, it’s bad for your health. Instead of heading to the drive-thru, prepare your meals at home. 

Gourmet coffee

A cup of coffee from Starbucks or a similar shop can easily cost $4 or more. If you bought a cup every weekday at this price, you would spend over $1,000 in one year. Making your coffee at home is a simple way to keep consuming your favorite beverage without paying the coffee shop premium. The price of home-brewed coffee is usually around $1 a cup, and depending on the brand that you use, it could be even lower. As an added benefit, you can brew your coffee to fit your taste.


The use of cigarettes, cigars, snuff and other forms of tobacco may be the most expensive and unnecessary habit that a person could have. According to Business Insider, a pack-a-day habit could cost a smoker over $100,000 over his or her lifetime. Tobacco use also increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and oral cancer, which could result in significant medical expenses.

Eliminating these bad habits will not only improve your health, but also free up your budget for a new life insurance policy or increased coverage. For a competitive term life insurance quotes, visit LifeInsure.com and use our online quote generator.

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