Don’t quit eating fruit in your quest to cut back on sugar


Fresh fruit should not be avoided in order to cut out sugar intake.

Most doctors and nutritionists advise against consuming too much sugar, which can lead to obesity, diabetes and other health issues. In the effort to closely follow these recommendations, some dieters are making the unfortunate mistake of avoiding fresh fruits. 

In a recent piece published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital argues that fresh fruit should not be included in the war against sugar. He cites multiple observational studies in which increased fruit consumption is linked to lower rates of obesity and diabetes. He also noted that fresh fruits contain much more than sugar, including fiber, antioxidants and various nutrients. 

The chemical and physical properties of fresh fruit also make us feel fuller faster, writes Dr. Ludwig, because fiber slows the rate of digestion. In an interview with The New York Times, Dr. Ludwig emphasized that eating the whole fruit is important – not just fiber intake. 

“You can’t just take an eight-ounce glass of cola and add a serving of Metamucil and create a health food,” Ludwig said to the source. “Even though the fructose-to-fiber ratio might be the same as an apple, the biological effects would be much different.”

Dr. Ludwig ends his article by suggesting that physicians spend more time educating their patients about the differences between refined sugars and naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables. 

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