Excessive coffee consumption may do more harm than good, experts say


A new study has shown that coffee, while helpful in moderation, may prove to be worse for you in excessive amounts.

During the past several years, medical researchers have explored the relationship between coffee and wellness, as it appears that some individuals who drink the beverage regularly experience a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Yet a new study suggests that too much coffee can have an adverse effect on the body, or even reverse the benefits altogether.

A team at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Researchers concluded that chlorogenic acids (CGA), which are found in coffee beans, may prevent the body from burning fat or creating insulin. This development has huge implications for those diagnosed with clinical obesity, as the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is much higher in this demographic. 

The experiment involved mice in a lab that were administered the equivalent of between three and six cups of coffee each day. Mice that consumed more than the average person showed signs of glucose intolerance, a key indicator of the onset of diabetes. 

“Everybody knows about the effects of caffeine, but when we’re considering our lifestyle choices it’s important to remember that compounds such as CGA can have an effect on our health if they’re not consumed in moderation,” Vance Matthews, one of the lead investigators from the Institute, said in a statement. 

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