Exercise without medications can aid those with type 2 diabetes

Folks with diabetes may benefit significantly from even mild exercise, according to a new study.

Type 2 diabetes – a condition long associated with obesity and too-high sugar levels – is a debilitating illness that can be tough to treat at times. However, a new study has indicated that diabetic individuals who pursue aggressive exercise campaigns can help reduce not only abdominal fat tissue, but deposits that exist around the liver, heart and kidneys as well.

TIME Magazine, which reported on the research project, indicated that the findings could provide medical practitioners with new tools for treating diabetic patients. The group behind the initiative, centered at the Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands, utilized MRI results from 12 different patients before and after they received the exercise-focused treatment.

The results showed significant reductions in fatty areas around the body, especially in those that increase the risk of heart disease or cancer. While the patients would no doubt benefit from additional medical attention, the fact that a workout regimen has such a positive outcome is great news for doctors worldwide.

Dr. Hildo Lamb, who led the initiative, said in a press release following the study’s publication in the journal Radiology that those with diabetes – and the doctors who assist them – should be aware of these findings.

“The liver plays a central role in regulating total body fat distribution,” Lamb said. “Therefore, reduction of liver fat content and visceral fat volume by physical exercise are very important to reverse the adverse effects of lipid accumulation elsewhere, such as the heart and arterial vessel wall.”

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