Fitness Gadgets That Can Keep You Healthy, and Save You Money


We’re living in a culture that runs on constant information. All factions of our lives are becoming automated, but we’re especially seeing great strides in technology meant to keep us healthy. Every day, it seems like there’s a new gadget that enables us to keep a close eye on our well-being or makes exercise more enjoyable. Here’s a list of top gadgets that can keep you healthy.


FitBit Aria: For the past few years, Fitbit has earned its place among health junkies as the go-to device to monitor movement. By tracking steps, wearers have a better mindset to achieve 10,000 steps-a-day—the doctor-recommended amount for healthy living. With the company’s new Aria, users can track their body mass index (BMI), which is a far more accurate indicator of health than weight. The data is then sent to your computer, which can be shared with friends to promote healthy competition.


PUSH Fitness Tracker: The PUSH is kind of like a mini personal strength trainer that straps to your arm. Instead of a coach monitoring you, this device gives you feedback on how many reps you’ve done, how quickly, and how powerfully you’ve completed each set. It can also provide you with information to you know when to call it a day, thereby avoiding injury. For the bodybuilding gym rats who may need a little direction, the PUSH is a very useful gadget.


Sensora Smart Clothing: Sports scientists are always trying to discover ways in which they can improve athletic wear by making lighter, more breathable and more water resistant. But Sensora’s shirt and sports bra actually have sensors in the material that transmit information to a small heart rate monitor attached to the front. Additionally, the Sensora Anklet tracks steps and distance, as well as monitors the landing technique of your foot. This data is useful in preventing common running injuries.


Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 player: How do you get motivated to move if you don’t have the right rhythm? For most activities, it’s easy to stick in some earbuds and let the music (and sweat) flow, but swimmers have always been left out to dry when it comes to exercise music. However, Finis has invented an MP3 player that lets you listen to music underwater. And the best part is that it doesn’t incorporate headphones. Rather, the gadget utilizes a technology called bone conduction, which transmits audio waves through the cheekbone into the inner ear. Swimmers wear them on their goggles. Finally, swimmers can get the right musical motivation to perform well underwater.


With all these gadgets that help us monitor our health and make exercise more enjoyable, staying active has never been easier or as quantifiable as it is right now. And an active lifestyle is invaluable to preventing conditions that may raise your insurance rates. Obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight—all of which can be prevented by an active lifestyle—are factors that will negatively affect your rates when applying for life insurance coverage. The simple fact is that healthier people pay lower insurance rates—so any money spent on fitness apps may be saving you money in the long run.


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