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Insure your life with exercise

If you have been following this blog, you have probably noticed that not all of our posts are about the subject of life insurance.  We have recently included posts relating to improving one’s health and lifestyles (that’s why we changed the name to Insure Your Life). I must admit that we have both selfish and unselfish motives for including these categories.

Falling into both the unselfish and selfish categories, we (the employees of, befitting  of the Southern California stereotype, are truly interested in anything having to do with health, exercise and nutrition.  We actually like these subjects and enjoy reading and writing about them.  We also like sharing (and admittedly, sometimes preaching) this information with health-minded people, as well as those who know they need to make some changes in their live.

As life insurance brokers, we speak to a lot of folks on a daily basis.  As would be expected when dealing with a large cross-section of the population, we run into folks that fit into every imaginable health profile, from the super-healthy to those who have been far less fortunate in regard to their health.  As life insurance rates are a reflection of one’s health, less-than-perfect health usually means higher premiums.   If any of our articles inspires someone to improve his/her health and, in so doing, lowers rates fora  life insurance policy, the results are compounded, which we enjoy too (both unselfishly and selfishly if it helped to make a sale).

While we also enjoy writing about life insurance topics, these articles are geared mainly toward those who are in the market for a policy.   These new topics can appeal to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in health and lifestyle, so now we can reach a broader audience with our blog.  Unselfishly, we are disseminating good information about health and lifestyle.  Selfishly, we might reach more people who know they need life insurance but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it and, in looking around our website, decide to purchase a policy (from us of course).

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