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Shopping for life insurance is not the most exciting proposition to most people.  The process can be confusing (how much should I buy, term or permanent, etc?).  Also, when one mentions “life insurance,” it inevitably brings to mind all the stereotypical images of overbearing and obnoxious life insurance salesmen (Ned Ryerson from “Groundhog’s Day” is a perfect example).  Like all stereotypes, this one holds true much less than it rings false.

It’s no wonder that online life insurance shopping has increased significantly over the last five years. Why does someone buy life insurance online instead of from a local agent or your “friend in the business”?

Here are just a few reasons for life insurance shoppers migrating to the Internet:

  • There’s a full selection of prices without any emphasis to any one company.
  • One can check prices anonymously and recheck different amounts of insurance on
    a Website  (like and do it without someone pushing you to buy.
  • People can learn about and research the various types of life insurance (term life insurance, universal life insurance, return of premium life insurance and survivorship life insurance).
  • A Website visitor can take as much time as one needs to learn and shop, and do so in the comfort of one’s own home or office.
  •  Some people feel there’s a downside to doing business with friends or even family members who are then aware of their personal financial affairs. Obviously, some people are comfortable with this.  Having the opportunity to go online anonymously gives you a choice.
  • Instead of seeing only a handful of quotes, one can get quotes from a full range of life insurance companies with the quote engine sorting the quotes in order of price.

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