Medical experts cite relationship between healthy brains and hearts

Keeping up with exercise and a quality diet can assist in maintaining heart health.

It has become a well-known fact that promoting good cardiovascular health is extremely important. Medical research has backed up this claim, with some reports stating that individuals should place the highest priority on cardio exercise and wellness. Doing so can help reduce the risk of developing a chronic heart disease. And, according to a newly released study published by the Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications, there may be a relationship between people’s heart and cerebral health as well. 

The investigation, conducted by Christina Hugenschmidt, a geriatric care specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina, suggested that those who suffer from a cardiovascular condition may face a greater risk of cognitive degeneration. Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and general dementia produce life-threatening symptoms that are difficult to manage. In a press release, Hugenschmidt postulated that maintaining a high standard of cardiovascular health could be hugely beneficial.

“One possibility is that your brain requires a really steady blood flow and it’s possible that the cardiovascular disease that accompanies diabetes might be the main driver behind the cognitive deficits that we see,” she said in a statement, according to MedicalXpress, an online industry news source.

What does this mean for the average person? Finding the time to exercise and committing to a heart-healthy diet may reduce a person’s risk of suffering from a cardiovascular condition. In turn, if the research is corroborated in future investigations, folks may face a lower chance of developing a type of brain disease as well.

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