Men face higher risk of health care-related infection than women

Men face a higher risk of infections during a hospital stay, according to a new report.

A long-term study focused on the effect of hospital stays on the health of patients has shown that men, especially those in the 55 to 65 age demographic, face a higher risk than women of being diagnosed with a medical care-related infection. The findings have huge implications for those who require hospital care. 

According to WebMD, an online medical resource, men who receive surgery or post-operative care are more likely to be diagnosed with a medical care-related infection following treatment. Ben Cohen, the chief investigator and program director for the Center for Interdisciplinary Research to Prevent Infections at Columbia University School of Nursing, said in a statement that the results can help better prepare patients for the risks of surgical care and inform doctors about avoiding infections as treatment progresses. 

“By understanding the factors that put patients at risk for infections, clinicians may be able to design targeted prevention and surveillance strategies to improve infection rates and outcomes,” Cohen was quoted as saying in a press release. “In addition to using enhanced infection risk profiles to improve infection rates, it may be sensible to conduct specialized preoperative skin decontamination procedures and postoperative wound care for men to further reduce the risk of infection.”

This particular study is noteworthy because medical experts have not always been clear as to how hospital infection may differ between gender groups. It’s also a pressing issue for older Americans who could become sick and pass away with little warning.

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