Money saving tips: Keeping your heating costs down

A few money-saving tips can keep your home heating costs down.

It seems like every year when temperatures begin to cool, we hear the same discouraging news: Home heating costs are rising. This may not seem important for individuals who live in warm climates year round, but for folks in places that have long winters, this means more money out of their wallets. While you can’t completely eliminate turning on your heater this winter, taking a few simple measures can help you reduce your monthly bill. We detail a few common ideas below:

Adjust the thermostat

Want pay less for heat? Then use less of it. While we’re not suggesting that you sit in your house shivering, counting down the days until spring, making slight adjustments to your thermostat can help save you some cash. During the day and other times when you are not home, set the thermostat to 68 degrees.

If you don’t want the responsibility of adjusting the temperature every day, consider purchasing a smart thermostat. They cost about $50 and can be programmed to turn the temperature down during times when heat is not necessary. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by using a smart thermostat, you’ll save around $180 on your annual energy bills. 

Don’t let heat escape

Whenever the heat is on, all windows and doors should be closed, including your fireplace’s damper. Due to the fact that warm air rises, an open damper is similar to having a hole in the roof of your house. While heat escapes, cold air will flood in. 

Small cracks and hard-to-see spaces are other avenues through which heat can leave your home. To find them, light a candle and hold the flame near windows, door frames and light fixtures. If you see smoke moving in a horizontal direction, this means that you’ve spotted a leak. To fix them, install caulking or weather-stripping material.

Make your home more energy efficient 

While we generally like to offer suggestions that have minimal up-front costs, it’s possible that basic, inexpensive measures won’t make a significant difference in what you pay for heating. If this is the case, you may want to think about making significant adjustments to your house, including:

  • Adding more or replacing old insulation
  • Purchasing a new furnace or water heater
  • Replacing your windows. 

With these heating-related cost-cutters, you could save enough to budget for a new life insurance policy or an increase in your current coverage, an essential piece for financial protection for your loved ones. For term life insurance quotes, visit and use our convenient quote generator to find out which policies you may be eligible for. 

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