Women who sleep poorly may face heart disease risks

Women who suffer from sleep issues may face a greater risk of cardiovascular inflammation.

A new study has highlighted yet another problem associated with poor sleep. As we have discussed previously on this blog, chronic sleep issues can lead to or exacerbate a number of medical issues, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity. According to a team from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), people – women in particular – face a greater prevalence of heart inflammation that could one day lead to life-threatening deterioration if they get insufficient rest.

While getting consistently bad sleep is an indicator of potential heart problems later in life, the UCSF initiative found that a lack of quality sleep on a regular basis can significantly increase the risk of heart disease for older women. During the study, roughly 700 men and women with coronary heart disease were observed over a five-year period. Women – especially those who had already undergone menopause – suffered from decreased sleep comfort and, as a result, showed signs of internal inflammation around the heart. 

“Inflammation is a well-known predictor of cardiovascular health,” Aric Prather, the lead author and faculty member at UCSF, said in a press release statement. “Now we have evidence that poor sleep appears to play a bigger role than we had previously thought in driving long-term increases in inflammation levels and may contribute to the negative consequences often associated with poor sleep.” 

These developments suggest that older Americans, especially those at risk of heart disease, should take extra precautions if they think they may be suffering from sleep issues. The findings also highlight the need for older folks to prepare for the worst, which involves establishing a means of financial protection for their loved ones, such as a life insurance policy. Those who wish to learn more should look into online life insurance quotes to see which policy is right for them. 

Article source: http://www.lifeinsure.com/women-who-sleep-poorly-may-face-heart-disease-risks/

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