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Phasety and Synapcom are the names of two of the first five companies that were just installed in the Technological and Scientific Park UNC looking for international projection. Two of the top five projects launched in the Technology Business Incubator UNC Science Park that opened last week are already working on the design of innovative software. Both have international scope: Knowledge and qualification in oil and gas management in organizations.


Not every idea is incubated. Innovative enterprises must be based on scientific knowledge that is not in the market yet. This is what characterizes firms that arise in these areas. That is the great political and institutional commitment: Technology is generating innovative companies as defined by the bases of the incubator house Trejo.

These requirements are met by Phasety and Synapcom who chose the name Martin Cismondi and Julio Sotelo, the directors of each of the projects respectively. During the opening of this new space business management, Commerce and Justice, spoke with them. Cismondi Phasety explained that it is the development of software that enables calculations and simulations of pressure and conditions for the extraction of hydrocarbons from a reservoir according to their chemical composition. The gas and oil at each site has different compositions and that implies different conditions of pressure and temperature which determine both the conditions of their extraction and their performance.

The researcher and professor at the Faculty of Sciences, having worked more than 10 years ago on this subject from the CONICET and the University, said the following about the association who has made this venture with the company Inlab of Quilmes (Buenos Aires). “It’s a company that is in the oil market, meets the needs at the technical level and knows how they can get the juice to the knowledge and experiences we have from the academic world” he said.

At his side, Adrian Tichno of Inlab highlighted the synergy of the business world with the scientific and noted that the new software will  assess how different types of oil pumps will behave to see how they will take it and what type of pipe is to be employed. Phasety also gives consulting and technical advice to companies in the areas of the hydrocarbons category at national and international levels. “From the academic world we can have knowledge of many things thanks to published international papers, but for that to attract a venture, sales, be able to hire more people and cause the wheel to move, you have to know the market and without aiming there, more knowledge than you already have, otherwise you will not survive.

It is essential to a conjunction between partners. Moreover, the incubator is an area and a suitable mediator. I was on the faculty stacked without space and here I will be able to carry forward the development”, held Cismondi. The team is completed by Martin Gaitan, computer engineer and a doctor who will be added in chemical engineering along with four interns from a computer career.

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