150th anniversary of a Emancipation Proclamation

On Dec 31, 1862, a Nation noted a finish of another year of polite war. At Shiloh and Seven Pines, Harpers Ferry and Antietam, hermit had fought opposite brother. Sister had fought opposite sister. Blood and sourness had deepened a order that distant North from South, eroding a holds of love that once joined 34 States underneath a singular flag. Slavery still dangling a probability of an America where life and autocracy were a bequest of all, not a range of some.

Yet, even in those dim days, light persisted. Hope endured. As a fatigue of an aged year gave approach to a guarantee of a new one, President Abraham Lincoln released a Emancipation Proclamation–courageously dogmatic that on Jan 1, 1863, “all persons hold as slaves” in rebel areas “shall be then, thenceforward, and perpetually free.” He non-stop a Union Army and Navy to African Americans, giving new strength to liberty’s cause. And with that document, President Lincoln lent new dignified force to a quarrel by creation it a quarrel not usually to preserve, though also to empower. He sought to reunite a people not usually in government, though also in leisure that knew no end of tone or creed. Every conflict became a conflict for autocracy itself. Every onslaught became a onslaught for equality.

Our 16th President also accepted that while any of us is entitled to a particular rights and responsibilities, there are certain things we can't accomplish on a own. Only a Union could offer a hopes of any citizen, knocking down a barriers to event and giving any of us a possibility to pursue a top aspirations. He knew that in these United States, no dream could ever be over a strech when we attest that particular autocracy is served, not negated, by seeking a common good.

It is that suggestion that done emancipation probable and codified it in a Constitution. It is that faith in what we can do together that changed millions to impetus for probity in a years that followed. And today, it is a bequest we select not usually to remember, though also to make a own. Let us start this new year by renewing a holds to one another and reinvesting in a work that lies ahead, assured that we can keep pushing freedom’s swell in a time.

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/150th-anniversary-of-the-emancipation-proclamation

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