9-3-1 in North Carolina

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931 volunteers line up for credentials

Thousands of volunteers in North Carolina have guaranteed their spot at the 2012 convention thanks to OFA-NC’s 9-3-1 program. By completing nine volunteer shifts—three shifts of three hours—volunteers earned one convention credential.

“We were planning on volunteering anyways,” explains Cecilia who, along with her husband Keith, took part in the program. “But when we heard about 9-3-1, it was the extra motivation that showed us that now was the time to get involved. Plus, the chance to be part of history and see President Obama give his acceptance speech—how can you turn that down?”

After all their hard work, 9-3-1 volunteers were the first in line to pick up convention credentials on Saturday.

Erica with her 2012 convention credential

“I’ve watched the conventions on television every four years and seen the passion and excitement among the people attending,” says Erica from Carrboro. “Just watching Barack Obama’s 2004 convention speech on TV was one of the best moments of my life, and now that I get to be there in person? I still can’t believe it.”

“The fact that I get to go to such a historic speech just by volunteering is great,” adds Heather from Apex. “It really shows how much President Obama cares about the people who are working to re-elect him, and I can’t wait for all of us to show him our support and that we are fired up in Charlotte.”

The 2012 convention is only seven days away and there are plenty of ways to get involved right now—just visit barackobama.com/convention.

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