A major step for immigration reform

Barack Obama

The Senate did the right thing yesterday. A bipartisan majority of Democrats and Republicans—68 in all—seized this opportunity to fix our broken immigration system and voted to pass comprehensive reform.

To the 68 senators who had the courage to vote “aye,” thank you. You understand that we are a nation of immigrants and our policies should reflect that.

And most of all, thank you to the OFA volunteers who fought so hard to make this happen. Those senators didn’t make their decisions alone—they had the voice of the American people in their ear, urging them to do the right thing.

OFA chapters have been busy laying the groundwork for this historic vote for months now, holding more than 1,200 events across the country. On Tuesday alone, volunteers at 115 different phone banks made 18,000 calls to both English- and Spanish-speaking Americans, urging them to call their senators in support of immigration reform.

That’s exactly the kind of dedication we need to carry this across the finish line, because the real fight is just getting started.

Passing this bill through the House of Representatives is going to be an uphill climb. If we want to get this done, we need every single person who cares about immigration reform to double down right now.

Congrats on a big victory yesterday. Now let’s get back to work and make history.


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