A send-off to remember for Congress

Before members of Congress done their approach behind to Washington after a Aug recess, OFA supporters done certain they had a send-off to remember. Volunteers brought Action August to a tighten by reminding their member to mount with a American Dream and their voters in support of immigration reform.

In Kingston, New York, OFA members brought Congressman Chris Gibson 11 reasons to support a 11 million undocumented immigrants vital in uncertainty.

Advocates for extensive immigration remodel rallied during Congressman Scott Rigell’s bureau in Virginia.

OFA Texas volunteers got their friends and neighbors dismissed adult and honking for immigration reform.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy listened from OFA California supporters who asked him to mount with a American Dream.

Action Aug is over, though OFA supporters are still organizing for extensive immigration remodel in their communities. Join them currently and supplement your voice to a flourishing transformation for reform.

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/a-send-off-to-remember-for-congress

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