A clever voice for a comparison community

At Vice President Joe Biden’s events currently in Florida, seniors came out to uncover their support for a claimant they’ll be voting for in a few brief weeks.

Anita, Sylvia, and Harriet came to see Joe Biden since he’s a clever voice for a comparison community. Rudy wants 4 some-more years since there’s too most during interest for each generation. Howard is voting Obama-Biden since he knows they are “making certain seniors are taken caring of and can retire with dignity.”

Howard and Ricki of Boca Raton wish “four some-more years of President Obama and Vice President Biden, since we spent a whole lives operative and profitable a satisfactory share into Social Security” and since “Medicare is a right, not something that should have a top on it or be voucherized.” And Dave wants Mitt Romney to know one thing: “The document complement won’t work.”

Four comparison women from Wynmoor Village also showed adult to see a Vice President—Violet, Ruthann, Zelna, and Laura do voter registration with new students during internal colleges in their gangling time. Laura says:

“We trust immature people need to commend that this choosing is about their future, too. One day, those students will also need Social Security and Medicare, and they need to know what’s during interest in this election.”

The 4 friends devise to horde a debate watch party subsequent Wednesday for some friends in their community, a brew of supporters and folks who are undecided.

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