“Change won’t occur but you”

Fresh off his gathering address, President Obama gave a pep speak to a throng of thousands during St. Petersburg College in Florida this morning. Check out what he had to say:

“Change won’t occur but we … Only we have a appetite to pierce us forward. But you’ve got to use that power.

“If you’re not purebred to vote, go to GottaRegister.com … If you’re not certain about how to vote, go to GottaVote.com. Talk to your friends, speak to your neighbors, speak to your co-workers. Don’t only speak to people who determine with you; strech out to folks who don’t follow politics that closely. Talk to somebody who’s undecided. Talk to some of your Republican friends. And speak to them about a prophesy for a destiny that moves everybody forward, not only a few.

“I’m seeking for your help. So, Florida, can we make some phone calls for me? Can we hit on some doors for me? Will we tell your friends and neighbors what’s during interest in this election? Will we register? Will we vote? Because if we do, we will finish what we started. We’ll emanate some-more good jobs. We’ll beget some-more homegrown energy. We’ll sinecure some-more good teachers. We’ll send some-more immature people to college. We’ll move home some-more troops. We’ll take caring of some-more veterans. We will open a doors of event to everybody who’s peaceful to work tough and travel by them.”

Fired up? You listened a President—take movement this weekend.

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/change-wont-happen-without-you

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