Climate change action in the works

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OFA supporters know climate change is real and something must be done to reduce its impact. That’s why OFA chapters all around the country got together yesterday for Action Planning Sessions, organizing themselves for an exciting summer of climate change events.

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Some highlights from around the country:

  • In San Francisco, 30 people showed up to plan for upcoming events, getting commitments from volunteers to step up for specific roles and tasks on the climate action team.

  • In the Denver suburbs, chapter leader Cindy Lay met with a group of very active volunteers and said: “We have the power to change the conversation on climate change here in Colorado.”

  • Thirteen supporters got together to strategize in Beavercreak, Ohio, and even had the chance to learn more about solar power and check out some rooftop panels.

  • And in Hawaii, a dozen volunteers met up to plan for climate change events this summer, including a beach party using only reusable and recyclable items. “It’s important that people understand that what we do here at the grassroots level will make a difference in Washington, D.C.,” said Erma Tanigawa, a team member in Maui.

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