Coming soon: Watch “The Dream is Now” in your neighborhood

As a Senate starts to discuss extensive immigration reform, one of a groups a antithesis is focusing on is a DREAMers—the children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to this nation as kids and are Americans in scarcely each approach solely for on paper.

This month, a House upheld a check that would effectively expatriate them.

These DREAMers’ stories uncover in genuine ways how we need to repair a damaged immigration system. OFA volunteers opposite a nation are opening adult their homes for giveaway screenings of The Dream is Now, a absolute brief documentary that tells a stories of 4 immature DREAMers.

Find out if there’s a screening nearby you.

This moving film shows a strength and integrity of a DREAMers, a struggles they’ve had to overcome, and what all of us can do to help. These kids aren’t seeking for a giveaway pass—they’re seeking for a possibility to go to school, work hard, and give behind to a nation they call home.

At a screening, you’ll get a possibility to speak to your neighbors and friends about ways to muster some-more support for flitting immigration remodel right now—the Senate is debating this check this month.

Look for a screening nearby you.


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