Confronting a meridian denier in St. Louis

On Wednesday, May 29th, OFA St. Louis staged a meridian change event outward a internal bureau of Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner. Along with a internal Sierra Club chapter, we had designed to call out Rep. Wagner for her antithesis to suggestive movement on this critical issue—but shortly before a event, we schooled that Rep. Wagner denies a really scholarship behind meridian change.

We tracked down a response minute Rep. Wagner had sent to a blogger that was a content instance of meridian rejection misinformation. An essay published a morning of a eventuality publicized a movement and presented a full content of Rep. Wagner’s meridian rejection letter. (Rep. Wagner’s chair was formerly hold by Todd Akin—another Republican who memorably took emanate with simple science.)

About dual dozen people collected outward Rep. Wagner’s office, and a Sierra Club organizer requested to accommodate with her staff. That ask was primarily declined, though we stood a belligerent and were eventually sensitive that someone from Rep. Wagner’s staff wished to pronounce with us. As a eventuality wrapped up, Rep. Wagner’s staff concluded to report a destiny assembly with us.

We know meridian change is genuine and is already inspiring people in St. Louis. We demeanour brazen to assembly with Rep. Wagner to speak about a scholarship of meridian change, and because it’s so critical to residence this emanate and revoke dangerous CO wickedness now.

Want to take on a Congressional climate deniers where we live? Take a initial step and join a quarrel opposite meridian change today.

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