Convention stories: Joe and Lynn

Joe and Lynn

Joe, a nominee from Colorado, and his sighted companion, Lynn, attended a Women’s Caucus final Thursday.

Joe: I’m unequivocally enjoying a convention, interjection to Lynn who’s removing me from here to there.

Lynn: We’ve been on a building a whole time, all of a nights.

Joe: And it’s good since it’s a initial time in my life that I’ve been with so many Democrats. we unequivocally suffer it. we consider there are some unequivocally critical things we can all take divided from here. The First Lady’s debate on Tuesday was unequivocally passionate. And final night, President Clinton’s debate unequivocally nailed it. He put a issues so succinctly and clearly.

I consider a women here during a gathering are some of a many absolute women. They’re changing a world. And we wish to hear all a speakers currently and tonight, and President Obama—I’m unequivocally looking brazen to that.

Lynn and we work together a lot in Colorado, and many of a volunteers are women. we consider a things we’re training here during a Women’s Caucus and from a speakers will unequivocally be useful to all of a volunteers who are perplexing to convince other voters.

Lynn: Joe is formulation an eventuality right divided when we get behind for a group to get out and widespread a summary from a gathering in person. Obviously we’re withdrawal here unequivocally dismissed adult and prepared to go, and that’s great. But we usually have a small some-more than a month until early voting starts in Colorado. So we need to deliver. President Obama delivered for us and we need to broach for him.

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