Ericka’s night with President Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé

“I usually felt like such a superstar. I’m a mom and we feel like I’m constantly rushing to make dinner, ready bottles, do dishes, and this was a best mangle a mom could ask for.”

For Ericka, a kindergarten clergyman from Pennsylvania and Obama believer who has been pitching in where she can, that mangle was a night in New York City with her father Bill, President Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé.

“Everyone during a eventuality was so good and enthusiastic. Now I’m even some-more desirous to do all we can. we told my father we usually wish to be a partial of that, so I’m going to regulating my automobile to give people rides to a polls on Election Day. we have dual tiny kids, so it’s tough for me to go doorway to door, yet now there are so many ways for me to assistance out from home. I’m formulation to post all over a internet about a issues, and a significance of voting and all a info we need to do that, so I’ve been promulgation my friends to In my area, we wish people to know all a grant and how President Obama’s policies are assisting them.”

Here’s what Ericka had to contend about a event:

“I saw Jay-Z initial and we pinched my father genuine hard. Then Beyoncé walked in and we roughly mislaid it. We got to pronounce to both of them for a while and they were so good to us. Beyoncé and we talked about a kids since we both have immature ones. Hers is 3 months comparison than cave and, even yet she’s Beyoncé, all mothers can describe to any other on that level. Then she said, good we have dual kids so we contingency be even busier, that was so funny— Beyoncé was revelation me how bustling we contingency be. That woman’s substantially a busiest lady on a planet!

“Jay-Z and my father had a unequivocally good pronounce as well. The place had a lot of memorabilia on a walls, so of march they talked some sports. It was kind of like unresolved out with friends—except they were Jay-Z and Beyoncé!

“Then a President walked adult to pronounce to us for a while and we suspicion I’d be so nervous, yet he is usually like a normal person. Here’s a President of a United States holding time out of his bustling report to pronounce to dual regular, middle-class citizens. He talked to me about a kids and about education—it was great. we told him I’m a clergyman so he said, we know you’re in a trenches so hang in there, I’ve got your back. we got into this contention since we adore kids and we wish to make a difference, so that meant a lot to me. we could tell how most he appreciates teachers. My father does accounting for a propagandize where we work, so he and President Obama talked numbers. We spent a lot of time with him!

“The best surprise, though, was that he gave a speech, and we adore conference him speak. He’s always so interesting and powerful—and he even threw some jokes in there, too! He had me unequivocally laughing.

“At a finish of it all, a 5 of us got to take a design together. That print will be framed and it’ll go on a layer during home—it’ll be a good sign of one of a best nights I’ve ever had.”

But to Ericka, this competition wasn’t usually about a fun evening—it says something about a debate as a whole.

“I entered a competition since I’m usually a huge, huge, outrageous supporter, and we wish to do what we can so we figure, holy cow! Why not kill dual birds with one stone? When we initial found out that we won, we consider we blacked out for a few seconds. we was so repelled for a subsequent 10 mins that we couldn’t even pronounce coherently. we donated 10 bucks since we couldn’t means anything else. But we say, if we have it and we can give it, that’s wonderful. we like a debate that appreciates me no matter how most we give. It says a lot about what a President stands for. we had a review with President Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, and they done me feel so good and so during home. Just, wow!”

Enter Dinner with Barack

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Enter Dinner with Barack

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