Florida seniors talk Medicare with the President

Barack Obama

President Obama eats breakfast in Cocoa

“I had a wonderful breakfast with two retired couples over at Cocoa, Gerry and Jan and John and Shirley … After a lifetime of work, they’ve been able to save enough to have a comfortable retirement, but that’s only because Medicare is there, rock-solid for them; only because we have made that commitment that says if you work hard all your life, then you should have some basic security—not to live lavishly, but to know that it’s going to be there for you.”

As part of his post-convention bus tour through Florida, President Obama sat down with a few Florida seniors to talk about their Medicare—then he took his message to the crowd in Melbourne, Florida.

“[Medicare] is going to be part of what’s at stake in this election. Now, I’ve already strengthened Medicare. We’ve already added years to the life of Medicare by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies that weren’t making people any healthier, and in fact, were making things more expensive for everybody.

“So we used part of those savings to help lower the cost of prescription drugs and offer free preventive care to seniors. I thought that was a good idea. For some reason, my opponents think it’s a bad idea. So they want to give the money back to the insurance companies and then put them in charge of Medicare.

“In fact, one report just said that by the end of the next decade, our opponent’s plan would mean as much as $16 billion to $26 billion in new profits for insurance companies. So basically, your costs would rise by the thousands so that their profits could rise by the billions.

“So here’s the bottom line. Their voucher plan for Medicare would bankrupt Medicare. Our plan strengthens Medicare. No American should have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. They should retire with the dignity and the respect and the care that they have earned.”

There’s only 57 days to go—keep up with the President on the campaign trail.

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