Florida seniors speak Medicare with a President

“I had a smashing breakfast with dual late couples over during Cocoa, Gerry and Jan and John and Shirley … After a lifetime of work, they’ve been means to save adequate to have a gentle retirement, though that’s usually since Medicare is there, rock-solid for them; usually since we have done that joining that says if we work tough all your life, afterwards we should have some simple security—not to live lavishly, though to know that it’s going to be there for you.”

As partial of his post-convention train debate by Florida, President Obama sat down with a few Florida seniors to speak about their Medicare—then he took his summary to a throng in Melbourne, Florida.

“[Medicare] is going to be partial of what’s during interest in this election. Now, I’ve already strengthened Medicare. We’ve already combined years to a life of Medicare by removing absolved of taxpayer subsidies to word companies that weren’t creation people any healthier, and in fact, were creation things some-more costly for everybody.

“So we used partial of those assets to assistance reduce a cost of medication drugs and offer giveaway surety caring to seniors. we suspicion that was a good idea. For some reason, my opponents consider it’s a bad idea. So they wish to give a income behind to a word companies and afterwards put them in assign of Medicare.

“In fact, one news usually pronounced that by a finish of a subsequent decade, a opponent’s devise would meant as most as $16 billion to $26 billion in new increase for word companies. So basically, your costs would arise by a thousands so that their increase could arise by a billions.

“So here’s a bottom line. Their document devise for Medicare would broke Medicare. Our devise strengthens Medicare. No American should have to spend their golden years during a forgiveness of word companies. They should retire with a grace and a honour and a caring that they have earned.”

There’s usually 57 days to go—keep adult with a President on a debate trail.

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/florida-seniors-talk-medicare-with-the-president

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