“For my daughters, for my family”

Dear Mr. President,

I live in a Tampa Bay area. Last week we watched in dishonesty as a Republican celebration put onward an central height that would take us behind in time dual generations. It competence as good have been a gathering year when my grandmother was my age, rather than 2012.

I am a unapproachable mom of 3 immature daughters. Like any parent, my dream—my deepest conviction, actually—has always been that a universe will be far-reaching open to them and they will have any event available. But lately, it seems like there are people who consider that isn’t a estimable idea for women and girls today. Too often, we review about another politician—almost always male—who has pronounced something right out of a 1950s. What kind of summary is being sent to my daughters when these are a people who will assistance establish either or not my girls have control over their possess bodies, either or not aloft preparation is financially accessible to them, and either they will grow adult in a exceedingly discontinued mercantile climate, if a faith on environmentally damaging methods will make their H2O too unwashed to splash and their atmosphere too dirty to breathe? Parents mostly take for postulated that they will be withdrawal a improved universe with some-more opportunities to their children, and in a box of immature women, there are additional concerns.

Now it seems we am lifting my girls in a universe where their entrance to things as hackneyed as contraceptives—something that we never disturbed about obtaining—is in jeopardy. And how will my girls go brazen into a universe if a probability of college is controversial since of how costly it is? How will they grow adult to see themselves when there are distant too many politicians who don’t even trust them to be obliged for their possess bodies?

For my daughters, for my family, and for America’s future, we have my vote, President Obama.

—Erin, Florida

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/for-my-daughters-for-my-family

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