GottaVote, gotta move forward

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Votemos Todos

In towns across the Commonwealth of Virginia, volunteers like Sonia from Dale City registered voters and talked face-to-face with their neighbors for the June GottaVote Weekend of Action.

“Elections have consequences, and I know that the folks I register in my community today could very well make the difference in November,” says Sonia. “The last thing I want is to regret not doing what I could in an election so critical to the future of my friends, neighbors, and family.”

Sonia explains the clear choice facing Latinos this November:

“This election is about choosing between a candidate who has vowed to roll back progress, like health care reform that has improved the quality of life for so many people in the Latino community, and a candidate with a record of standing with hardworking middle-class Americans, expanding access to health care for millions of families, and increasing opportunities for young people to earn the American dream.

“I’m standing with progress, and I will knock on doors, walk my neighborhood, and register voters to make sure we keep President Obama in office for four more years.”

From here on out, Sonia plans to do her part by hosting bi-weekly Latino-to-Latino phone banks. Will you commit to help out in your community?


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