GottaVote Weekend of Action: Report-back from Pennsylvania

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Christian, an organizer in Pennsylvania, reports back on the Juneteenth community festival in Chester City, where volunteers came out for a voter registration drive:

“Our goals were to register as many people as we could, talk to folks about why it’s important to get involved, and also just get out into the community. We accomplished all of that—and we had a lot of fun, too.

“We had some new volunteers from our office opening last week, so they were out at the festival registering voters—and we actually got some new people at the event to grab clipboards and help register voters. We had folks running around all day!

“Besides registering voters, just having a presence at local events is important for us. Obama 2012 is more than your average campaign. I’ve worked on a lot of campaigns where it’s easy to come in, do your work, and leave. But our campaign is very community-oriented.

“Not only do we have neighborhood teams where the organizers are people from the community—we’re integrated with the community. So at events like these, we’re enjoying ourselves as well, we’re enjoying the good conversation, whether it’s about voter registration or last night’s basketball game.

“Looking ahead, we’re going to have a big voter registration push around the Fourth of July. There will be fireworks, parades, barbecues, and we’ll definitely be out in the community then doing the same things: registering people, talking to them about why it’s important to get involved, and just enjoying the community and having a good time.”

Make sure you’re a part of the next weekend of action: Sign up to volunteer in your community.


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